Friday, August 17, 2012


Though it took near every coin he’d ever saved, Daniel’d seen Maggie laid to rest in hallowed ground. Strange how the pious sensibilities of the vicar had been less affronted when silver had been pressed into his sweaty hand. 

He wasn’t after thinking his girl had been no saint. She’d sinned in getting herself with child by that cobbler’s boy. She’d, surely, sinned when a back-alley butcher made her “indiscretion” go away. She’d paid the price for that with her life.

He prayed her Eternal Father would find it in Him to forgive her sins as he, himself, had.

This story was written for BlogFlash20122 Day 17: Graveyard


  1. I love the way you make me feel his hurt, his anguish.

  2. Loved the use of language to evoke the long past times - great piece of historical flash fiction.