Sunday, August 5, 2012

Imperfect Pacification

Hauptman Dieter Prang, Nazi Waffen SS, favored his field adjutant, Krieger, with a withering gaze.

“These ongoing partisan attacks are quite unacceptable. Have you nothing favorable to report?”

His subordinate beamed, “Sir, I am pleased to report the entire district surrounding our headquarters has been fully pacified.”

He watched in horrified disbelief as a young boy rode his bicycle past the window, a lit gasoline bomb in hand. The grinning lad tossed the bomb casually into the back seat of Prang’s staff car. 

Surveying the burning wreckage, Prang sneered, “May I assume ‘fully pacified’ to be something of an overstatement?”

This story was written for BlogFlash2012 Day 5: Frustration

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