Thursday, August 30, 2012

Once Upon a Regicide

The dwarves tramped happily along, singing for the first time in a very long time. The evil queen, Regina, had been vanquished, order was restored to the storybook kingdom and they were safe to return to their forest home. 

As they marched and sang, Dopey broke off and said, “You know, I really feel quite badly about all of this. I mean, I know we always spoke of her as ‘The Evil Queen did this’ or ‘The Evil Queen did that’ and that seems rather unfair, doesn’t it? In all those years of hiding and living in mortal fear, well, I never stood up for her a single time. And, now, that all just seems very wrong. I never stood up for her.” There was a tone of sadness and deep regret in his voice.

The other dwarves broke line, gathering about. Their faces held looks of neither sadness nor regret but of stunned disbelief. All looked stunned with the exception of Grumpy, who looked…well…grumpy.

He gave Dopey a swat to the back of his head that was, somehow, more loving than angry, if such is possible.

“You really ARE dopey. Of course you never stood up for her. Nobody stood up for her and you know why? Because she really WAS evil, you dummy. That’s why we called her ‘The Evil Queen’! Now, if you’re done being dopey, can we please just get home?”

Dopey shrugged and rejoined the others in line, marching and singing as befitted the occasion. 

This story was written for the Thursday Threads flash prompt: I never stood up for her.

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