Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Oleg’s frozen hands fumbled in his pack. “I’ve got Crime and Punishment, first edition, Leaves of Grass, first edition with commentary and For Whom The Bell Tolls, Second Edition but signed by Hemingway.” 

The guard checked his clipboard before answering, “No poetry. So, unless you got something else, that’s space for two.”

With a look of deep sadness, he pushed his wife and son forward, “No, that is all I have. Passage for two it is, then.”

Watching them sail away to refuge beyond the bitter cold, he sat down to read his book and wait for the end.  

This story was written for BlogFlash2012 Day 15: Books


  1. Wow. How intense... and leaves me wondering WHAT THE HECK BOOK IS HE READING?! LOL.

    That's what good writing does to us, right?

    This is my second day participating in #BlogFlash2012. I look forward to knowing you better!

  2. I'm pretty sure all he had left was the Walt Whitman but it would be rude of me to peer over his shoulder under the circumstances, eh?