Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rail Yard Regrets

Now, “Why didn’t I take up my friends on the ride home?” you might ask. Simple answer. Ain’t easy getting’ on in years and sure as hell ain’t easy when the damned State decides you ought not to drive no more. So, call it jest plain ole stubborn pride. Besides, weren’t that long a walk if’fn ya cut ‘crost the rail yards and that were how I went. 

Didn’t see ‘em till were damned near too late. She were a pretty little thing, pale as a snowflake. Well she was down on that cold, hard ground and the two of ‘em was havin’ they way with her somethin’ fierce.

I musta kicked me a can or somethin’, cause they stopped of a sudden. She seen me first and, in her eyes, were a look damned near broke my heart. Pleadin’…beggin’…don’t rightly know, to this day, what to call it. They seen me, too, and weren’t nothin’ but harm, plain and simple, on they minds.

Well, I may not git around like I used to, but I knew me them rail yards good an’ I run fer all I was worth till I lost them fools. Now, I read in the papers ‘bout them findin’ her body and 'bout not findin’ nobody to blame fer it. That were ten years gone by now. I never stood up fer her. Weren’t no hero or nothin’ to do me a fool thing like that. But anybody offer now? I’ll takes me a ride.

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