Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Room To Heal

Dressed in a brown Army uniform, he leaned heavily on the wooden crutch. Her eyes were, involuntarily, drawn to the pinned up cloth of both his coat and his left trouser leg.

He seemed disinclined to small talk, so she led him down the hall to the room. 

“I must apologize. I’d not expected a response quite this soon. I can move a dresser in here if you like. As I said on the telephone, it’s not much.”

A smile lit his scarred face, surprising her. “No, it should be fine. As you see, there ain’t much of me either.”


  1. Getting me in my heart again.....

  2. Hmm...was aiming for the spleen but my knowledge of human anatomy IS somewhat lacking.

  3. a hundred words of pure heart warming prose. I love it

  4. Thank you...not quite sure why but it was my first take on the photo.

  5. Simply told, poignant story.
    To me your last line seemed to encapsulate the link between the sparseness of the room and
    his outlook on what life had to offer him.
    A great read - thanks.