Friday, August 24, 2012

Speaker To Trees

In the language of the People his name meant Speaker to Trees. He was the tenth in his line called so. To him was given the responsibility of communing with the forests that gave the People much of what they required.

Walking the path home, he recalled the knowledge the forest had yielded up to him this day. The Ash Tree King spoke of beetles coming soon and asked no wood be taken from his children until they could recover.

Assuring the King of his understanding, he’d smiled to hear the old monarch’s joy in the rustling of His branches.

This story was written for BlogFlash2012, Day 24: In The Woods.


  1. I really dug this, but it seems like it's only the first act; the set up. I would have enjoyed reading what happened next. I do like what you've got, though!

  2. Aaron,
    Had word count limit for the Blogflash but may continue it...hard to say. Got lot of projects in works right now.