Friday, August 24, 2012

The Blackstone Rings: Terminal Transit Event

The Terminal Transit Event or TTE was a phenomenon first observed during the unmanned probe phase of the Explorer Program. For reasons yet to be determined, on two separate occasions a Ring had gone permanently dormant following an otherwise unremarkable transit. No further activation of a window had ever happened from either Ring.

In 42 months of manned missions, three more TTE's had been documented. Ironically, with so many possible hazards to contend with, TTE's were no more or less feared than any other threat.

At that moment, for the pilot of Explorer CCV it was the only hazard that mattered anymore. His mind slowly absorbed the reality that the doorway home was forever closed to him. That his sanity remained following that realization was a mute tribute to the thorough nature of the physcological testing all potential Explorers underwent.

Belasco's eyes locked on his chronometer, formulating a plan. There might not be time, he saw, but no other option remained.

This story was written for the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet forum and is from my work in progress The Blackstone Rings: Legends Of The Explorer Corps. While it is brief and without full context, I hope it is still enjoyable reading. 


  1. So he's trapped in a different universe (or something similar)? Sounds an intriguing story!

  2. Nothing like being trapped somewhere to test somebody's sanity. Good stuff!

    1. Thanks Patrick. a definite WIP that still needs lots of work and far more progress. LOL

  3. Gayle, He is indeed trapped. Unfortunately, the snippet length prohibits me from adding much to clarify his situation. I will with next snippet, I promise.

  4. OK, take inventory. What does he have with him?

  5. Accept, evaluate, formulate - SURVIVE!! It'll be neat to see where you take this.

  6. Brilliant! I totally want to read more of this. The concept is awesome.

    :) Heidi