Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Blackstone Rings

Little was known of the Blackstone Rings. That they were vastly ancient and manifested portals to other places was known. Where those portals connected to was unknown.

Explorer VII, transited the Kiev Ring, into unknown space. Two days of mapping and he returned to the ring to wait for a known portal home.

He whooped when sensors identified the Space Needle near the Seattle Ring. He lined up his approach carefully. Waves of nausea and horripilation washed over him as transit began.

He never had a chance to react as the Ring cycled mid-transit, slicing Explorer VII neatly in two.

This story was written for the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet Blogsite.


  1. WHAT! Nice twist. What happens next?

  2. Well, tune in next week and find out. hehehe

  3. Sounds like the rings can exist at both ends of whatever tunnels they created, and and switch destinations unexpectedly. Other rules? And did the two halves of Explorer VII wind up in different places?

  4. Oh, what?! I was rooting for this guy. Come on, Jeffrey. You're such a cruel creator, but you're damned good at it! Looking forward to next week! These rings sound amazing.