Monday, August 6, 2012

The Hazards Of Reading

The Director inspected the monitor console before speaking to the nervous technician.

"So, you alerted me over a single anomalous reading on a redundant back-up system?"

"Well, no, sir. It's more than that. Someone's tampered with the primary oxygen system sensors."

"That's a serious accusation. Explain."

"If the primary was fully operational, the back-up wouldn't show any load. But, it's running full out and yet, the primary reads all green."

"You've spoken to nobody else concerning this matter?"

"Of course not, sir!"

The Director wiped the technician's blood off his blade. Concerns over BioDome One losing atmospheric integrity would remain secret awhile longer.

This story was written for BlogFlash2012 Day 6: Reading


  1. Cliffhanger ending. You've to tell us what happens next. haha :)
    Great piece.

  2. Well...I don't HAVE to. Hehe. Thanks for feedback.

  3. Very nice. Well done. Keep Bottom One under wraps. :)

  4. Arrghh...silly spell checker changed BioDome to Bottom. LOL. Makes more sense since I changed it back.

  5. I cannot stress enough how much I love this entry!! Wonderful!!