Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Long Way Down

“Brah, if you jump, that’s a LONG way down. Ya can’t do that...over a girl!” 

 “Naw, I can’t, dude. Which is why yer gonna push me. If I don’t see it comin’... c’mon, it’ll work.”

After what Sylvia had done, it was the only way. But, was killing himself gonna change anything? No! She really wasn’t worth it.

He turned to tell Dave never mind and, instinctively, sidestepped his friend running straight at him. Dave enjoyed a perfect Wyle E. Coyote moment as he hung suspended in mid-air before plunging downward.

All Jake could think to say was, “Oops.”


  1. This one made me giggle, thanks for brightening my morning :)

  2. Oh boy! Didn't see that one coming...literally!

  3. This is such an O Henry moment - when the thing wished for comes back to haunt him in a very powerful and irreversible way...but so tragic. Well written, as usual! Thanks again for another great VisDare entry!

  4. "oops" indeed!
    Made me giggle in that way you really shouldn't at someone's misfortune!

  5. I enjoyed this.
    I know I shouldn't - but it made me smile.
    A sort of deadly 'slapstick' moment..