Monday, August 13, 2012

Unmaker Undone

“The very idea of an Unmaker sharing living quarters with an Envisionist beggars belief! Can’t you just imagine it? Him strolling about the place envisioning this, that or the other thing into existence and you popping along on his heels just unmaking it back to its elements?”

“Our powers cancel out each other when we’re in proximity as you well know, mother. And that’s just fine. Malcolm no more wants to be an Envisionist than I an Unmaker.”

“Mark my words, child, naught good will come of it.”

Struggling to free herself from the rope trap, she despised thinking her mother’d been right. With no magical defenses, they were easy prey for the Black Circle priests who sought their deaths. 

Bound tightly to Malcolm, neither was able to draw on their powers. With the house already afire, she feared they’d both be embers ablaze all too soon. 

Damn, she hated when her mother was right!

This story was written for Saturday/Sunday Tails Blog Challenge and is a continuation of a previous entry: Unmaker

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