Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waters Of Mercy

Steeping to the water’s edge, the doctor strove to appear more confident than he felt. The survivors not only thirsted for water but, metaphorically, hungered for hope. He prayed he might offer such. 

The military bio-toxins were tailored to be virulent but also non-persistent.  The water flowing and pooling in the aqueduct might well be potable.

His test kit beeped and he stifled a groan. Anyone who drank here would die, that was certain. He mused whether it would be a kinder end than what the future offered.

At length, he abandoned his moral compunctions, waving them forward to drink.

This story was written for Visual Dare 20: Cascade


  1. Great story and I love the title too, apt but not giving anything away.

  2. A thoughtful tale with a real punch at the end - per your usual specialty. Makes a person wonder what the survivors have been through....

    Well done!!