Monday, August 6, 2012

Wilde Conjecture

Accessing Historical Archives, reference King Wild Thing the Only:

Of the brief reign of the self-appointed King Wilde Thing the Only of the Vegas Empire there is little to say. It all began in the dark period known as the Radiation Times, when the missiles had finally been expended, and lasted a mere two years before he perished of an unknown ailment. 

He had a proper name but was known as The Wilde Thing for so long he neither remembered nor cared what it had been.

Half a century of depravity and debauchery had muddled his thought processes. Theories suggest he’d been a man of letters. It seems likely that was where he’d first encountered the name Wilde.

As with his namesake, Wilde Thing’s credo was: “I can resist anything except temptation.” He drank and smoked heavily, abused narcotics and abused humanity.

He was the type that in Old West times would have raped the women and stampeded the cattle. However, in the case of Wilde Thing, vice versa would have been just as acceptable.

Suddenly quite embarrassed, Calvin decided perhaps he might find another subject for his Ancient History report and went back to the Historical Archive search menu.


  1. Brilliant, you never know what you'll find when doing research hehe

  2. This is brilliant. As usual. *high fives*