Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Fine Mess

Having found nothing remotely edible, Stanley cawed dejectedly. Spotting Ollie at the far end of the block, he winged toward him. Settling atop his friend’s head, he couldn’t have looked sadder.
“Ollie, I’m awfully hungry. When do you suppose we’ll find something to eat? I hope it’s soon…very soon.” 

Ollie sighed, “Stanley, how many times have I asked you to not stand on me? It’s embarrassing. And how can you possibly be hungry again? What ever happened to that expression ‘eat like a bird’?”

As Stanley began to tear up, Ollie knew it would be a very long day, indeed.

This story was write for the Visual Dare 21 prompt: Odd Couple.


  1. LOVE THIS. And the Laurel and Hardy reference was a bonus. Another gem!

  2. You've made me laugh, which is good, but you've also made me hungry. Sigh. At least I'm not perched on anyone's head.

  3. An amusing take on the prompt.
    You could tell by looking a the picture that the cat is embarrassed!