Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gnomish Dreams

Once a year, as he had for over 600 years now, Feldspar awoke and cast a wary glance outward into the world of Men. It seemed so very long ago now since the machines and such had inexorably taken dominion over the things of nature.

The fanciful creatures such as himself had, at length, been forced to either go elsewhere or watch the slow death of the land continue unabated.

It took the solitary rock gnome scant time to note nothing had changed since he’d last awakened himself. Sighing, he withdrew back into the stone to dream of happier times.

This story was written for Visual Dare #23: Peeking

1 comment:

  1. This is lovely, lovely work. I love how you seem to always leave at least one buried "academic pun" in each flash fiction piece (yay Feldspar!), and I also love how your entries always have that feel of being a snapshot of a much longer story. This one is no exception. Would like to know what the gnome is dreaming of, and what has been lost...

    Thanks again for another stellar entry!!