Saturday, September 29, 2012

Incubation Situation

In the 8256 millennia Senior Nurturer Relnik Tark had been in the field, nothing could come close to the challenge he faced today…a meeting with the Grand Nurturer himself.

Tark’s most recent effort had been nothing short of a spectacular failure and he could scarce be surprised to be called on it. He knocked and heard a grunt he assumed was permission to enter.

“Ah. Tark.  I find myself in an uncommonly incredulous state of disbelief that one of my people could flummox things up on this level but it seems you have.”

“Five billion years of nurturing and incubation went into this? You invested five billion years’ worth of departmental time and resources into…this? When you complete your work and crack the planet open the best you have to offer is THIS?!

He slammed the specimen plate with the breached planet and the sad, lifeless fetus down in front of Tark with undisguised contempt.

This story was written for the weekly Saturday Sunday Tails flash fiction prompt: "uncommonly incredulous".

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