Friday, September 7, 2012

Making A Home

“Well, there’s the place. Ordered some curtains and such from the mercantile but it’ll be a spell ‘fore they arrive.”

“How…delightful.” were the only words the newly-wed Mrs. Bertram “Bear Trap” Benton could find.

He stared at the ground in shamed silence before looking up, a single tear trickling down his grizzled cheek.

“It ain’t no palace or nothin’ but it’s all ours and I reckon, if you’ll allow me, I’ll make ya the happiest wife in a hunnert miles.”

Prudence's heart softened and she took his hand. “Well then, husband, I suppose we should move my things into our…home.”

This story was written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers flash photo prompt.


  1. Delightful! I have to say Mrs. Benton must have known a bit of what she could look forward to when "Bear Trap" was a'courtin' of her. :-)

  2. Oh, and mine is here:

  3. Nice little story - especially liked the character's name. Bear Trap = awesome.

  4. Hi Jeffrey,
    This is a well crafted interaction that does lots of character development in a short space. Great dialog and dialect too! Ron

  5. I love it! If she married someone nicknamed "Bear Trap", she should have had some idea... Excellent characterization. He sounds like a loving, if a little rough, man.

  6. excellent -- inside most of us are softies inside. I have a big smile from reading that.

  7. Sweet story. I think there's hope for this marriage.
    I'm 23 on the list.

  8. Cute story - I like how she realises she is being judgemental and tries to see the best in her new situation. There's hope for them both, especially if she can live up to her name.
    I think there's a typo there - Prudence's?
    I'm over here: