Friday, September 14, 2012

Tangled Web

Though Arachnia tried to adopt an air of ease and nonchalance, Clotho could see, quite plainly, her friend was seething with barely-contained anger.

“So, you really mean to say you won’t be attending the engagement party? It will be the social event of the season.”

“I simply refuse, refuse I say, to attend any function hosted by that bitch. Merry widow, indeed! What is this, her third or fourth husband?”
“I…well…I’m not quite sure. Does it matter?”

“To you, I suppose not. But then it wasn’t your baby brother whose head she bit off just last year. Now, was it?”

This story was written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.


  1. Clever use of the spider theme!

  2. I like the references to "Merry widow" and the brother whose head she bit off the year prior. Quite the web of drama.

    Awesome website theme, by the way. Creates the perfect ambiance.

  3. let us hope they died happy, good story!

  4. Great fun--you really exploit a lot of the possibilities for this one. I have a wedding theme, too!

  5. Hahahahahahaha...poor brother and the sister gets all the fun. I love this story. Maybe she should go and bring a pie or two to throw.LOL Love it! Mine is here
    Have you an AWESOME WEEKEND!

  6. Time that one accepted fate or genetics or whatever it is that makes arachnids what they are, huh? Good one.

  7. Dear Jeffrey,

    Spiders and social events? I love it. Belle of the ball casting about, looking for new suitors. Well done.