Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beyond Cleansing

So silently did Gregor enter the room, Analise was unaware of him until he spoke. “You are fortunate I still have friends in the Gendarmerie. The girl’s body will be…disposed of and there will be no investigation.  Dammit, Analise, your recusant behavior simply can no longer be tolerated. We are a Family of rules. You tore a girl’s throat out for throwing juice on you?!? Inexcusable!” 

Sprawled indolently on the chaise, she looked up at him with a decidedly mischievous grin. “But Uncle, I had to! Blood stains I know all too well how to remove…but fruit punch? Impossible.”

This story was written for the Tuesday Tales weekly flash fiction challenge for the word prompt: recusant

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