Saturday, October 27, 2012

Deceitful Appearance

Mr. Fluffy was hardly the plush and cuddly stuffed animal he appeared, at first glance, to be. He was, quite possibly, the single strongest force for evil to ever exist in all of the myriad dimensions of the multiverse. 

There was nothing quiescent, harmonious or benevolent about him whatsoever. He was possessed of a remarkably pure and unadulterated vileness defying any attempts at qualification or quantification. 

He had exceeded the “super villain quotient” eons ago. He had transcended the “thoroughly merciless index” when only a stripling. He had sailed beyond the “insidious horizon” on a voyage of destruction and desolation with no remorse at all.

And yet, through it all, he was just so darned cute it was hard to resist the urge to snuggle him. It was that innate cuteness and irresistibility that led one civilization after another to their indisputably untimely end. Yes, Mr. Fluffy was, quite simply, one very, very bad bunny.

This story was written for the weekly Saturday Sunday Tails flash fiction challenge prompt: insidious horizon.

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  1. How many more bad, bad bunnies are there out there? Probably more than just Mr Fluffy! ;)