Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Diabolical Deeds III: Unwise Home Invasion

A scowl of displeasure marred the already fearsome visage of the mighty Humbaba. He shook his leonine head in disbelief that any would dare intrude upon his forest but the unmistakable sounds of men perked his ears up at once. 

It must be the self-proclaimed Herrenvolk of the western lands who acted with such temerity. A savage grin bared his fangs at the prospect of convincing these...beasts they were hardly superior to him.

His footsteps thundered, all thoughts subsumed by the unfettered habromania that seized him when carnage was nigh. Regret, indeed, they would their hubris in violating his home. 

This story was written for the Diabolical Deeds flash fiction challenge hosted by Timony Souler. Each of the five daily installment involves a demon and two obscure words. Today's prompts were: HumbabaHerrenvolk & habromania


  1. This is awesome. You linked the words and the picture well. I saw it playing out in my head.

  2. Excellent scene! I also like that you didn't have Humbaba and the gods be the Herrenvolk, but rather the people who Humbaba was about to destroy.

    You really capture his regality and power well just from the way he carries himself and goes to meet the intruders.