Monday, October 22, 2012

Diabolical Deeds I: Design Flaws Discussed

Ammut’s expression epitomized utter disbelief. She beheaded one servitor, before sitting astride the other, making the fool’s eyes bug out. 

“Your sole responsibility…the only reason I tolerate you in this odious, achroous pesthole Anubis calls my home is to convey the hearts of the damned to me for consumption and you lost one?!?

With a squeak, the minion protested, “In our defense, O Devourer of the Dead, someone decided we should be adactylous . Does make schlepping things about a tad…problematic.

With a hiss, she wondered if the other Greater Demons had to put up with such incompetent staff?

This story was written for the Diabolical Deeds flash fiction challenge hosted by Timony Souler. Each of the five daily installment involves a demon and two obscure words. Today's prompts were: Ammut, achroous & adactylous. 

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  1. Very nice, I like the adactylous servitors having trouble carrying things--it makes a lot of sense.

    Good humor throughout, and I could believe Ammut getting stuck with a less than optimal staff even in comparison to other evil beings--she just didn't seem to get the same kind of respect some fiends do.