Friday, October 26, 2012

Diabolical Deeds IV: Bad Press

Sthenno was never known to have the best of dispositions and this morning found her in an especially foul mood. The serpents comprising her hair swayed in saccadic patterns of irritation as well. 

“I petrify more guys before my morning coffee than my half-wit sister ever met but she gets all the press?!? Oh, this Bullfinch bastard is gonna pay big time for slighting me!”

Glancing nervously to each other, one of her hapless servants at last spoke to her in a sussurate hiss.

“Already dead? What do you mean he’s already dead?!? Somebody get me Hades on the line!”

This story was written for the Diabolical Deeds flash fiction challenge hosted by Timony Souler. Each of the five daily installment involves a demon and two obscure words. Today's prompts were: Sthennosaccadic, & sussurate.


  1. I loved all the S's! Thanks for the new words.

  2. Nice! Get me Hades on the line!

    I wonder how Hades will feel about that--does he appreciate the souls she sends his way, or is he over-worked? I definitely enjoy this sort of humanization of mythological characters, and it does seem a shame with Stheno being the most prolific killer of the gorgons that Medusa wound up with all the fame.

  3. I'm reading these in backwards order - again, love the comedy and the razor sharp characterisation. What a fantastic diva!