Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Diabolical Deeds II: A Night Out

Hecate nudged her fellow party girl Hathor and pointed to an especially caliginous corner of the Forgotten Deities Bar & Grill. 

“There’s that Calu guy I told you about. Cute, eh?” Her voice was a peculiar blend of cacaesthesia and wonderment.

Hathor eyed the figure skeptically. “Him? Looks more like the baddie from the Three Little Pigs. He’s a deity?”

“Word is he was a major mover and shaker in Etruscan circles.”

“What the heck is an Etruscan?”

“Oh, don’t be such a bitch. Go ask him to dance.”

Hecate sighed. “Ok…but if he’s got fleas, I’m gonna be pissed!

This story was written for the Diabolical Deeds flash fiction challenge hosted by Timony Souler. Each of the five daily installment involves a demon and two obscure words. Today's prompts were: Calucacaesthesia & caliginous


  1. Sweet! I'm amazed how well everyone but me handled Calu--I should have put him in a bar scene!

    I love the entire concept of the Forgotten Deities Bar and Grill and would like to see a whole series of adventures (or misadventures) there. I especially like that it's a Bar & Grill instead of something more evocative like a Tavern. This one works particularly well for me though, casting Hecate and Hathor as party girls and even among forgotten deities Calu is an unknown.

  2. Ahaha love it! I can so see this scene - though I'm thinking Hecate sounds too up herself for a Forgotten Deities Bar & Grill. Love the setting, love the dialogue. Just perfect.