Friday, October 26, 2012

Diabolical Deeds V: Demonic Duties Clarified

In a fit of demonic rage, Zagan roared at the demonic courier, his breath spreading pestilence in a flurry of infernal zymosis. 

“Please inform my Lord Lucifer I am the President of Hell and NOT the proprietor of Zagan’s Demonic Party Shop! If he wants wine for his infernal soiree he can bloody well summon it up himself. Oh, and tell him if he gives me that old line about people in Hell wanting more than just ice water one more time, I WILL make him sorry.”

The courier, scarcely zoic at this point, scuttled off to deliver the news.

This story was written for the Diabolical Deeds flash fiction challenge hosted by Timony Souler. Each of the five daily installment involves a demon and two obscure words. Today's prompts were: Zaganzymosis & zoic.


  1. Ah the complications of life as a demon. Definitely made me smile.

    Though with such a small word limit, the repetition of "demonic" in the first sentence really stood out.

    I had trouble figuring out what to do with Zagan and his highly specific powers, so I like your implication the other arch-fiends might take a similar view of his abilities being mostly party tricks.

  2. Laughed out loud - and I emphasise with Zagan! An unreasonable boss is always hard to bear :-)