Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dinner By Moonlight

Thick tendrils of evening fog swirled and eddied about her, embracing her form not as they would a mortal being but in a manner more akin to the recognition of a kindred elemental presence, one composed of equal parts of crushed stardust and distilled moonlight. 

The hunger welled up in her, emanating outwards in almost palpable waves of desire and desperation. She must feed, and soon, else the exquisite agony of denial threatened to crush her in an inescapable and thoroughly intolerable embrace from which she might not ever emerge again.

He was late, as always, and though she both loved and revered him, she could not much longer deny the growing need within her. Briefly, she considered and discarded the possibility that he had gone to hunt without her. As she felt the comforting solace of his approach, she realized it was nothing so dire, merely the reckless indifference of her eternally irresponsible sibling.

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