Sunday, October 21, 2012

Preview: Monday Mixer Blog Challenge

Faced with the impending end of the tremendously popular and thoroughly enjoyable Menage Monday weekly flash fiction challenge, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and start a new Monday challenge. As an admitted flash fiction junkie, I've tried to take what I like best about various challenges and put my own unique spin on it. The premier edition of the challenge will be on Monday, October 29th. I debated whether starting this on the cusp of NanoWriMo was a wise choice but, ultimately, decided to stick to my plans. It is my hope that folks will decide that sometimes laying aside a major project for a bit of diversion can be cathartic and may even inspire new ideas. Time will tell. Below, is an example of how the weekly challenge will be run. Feel free to try out the prompts provided to get an idea of what to expect. There will, for this premier edition, be prizes but the general trend will be toward badges only. I apologize in advance for the badges cheesiness but while I am, in my opinion, a pretty decent writer, a graphic artist I am not. In my opinion, however, it's not about the bling so much as the bragging rights so the badges are what they are. I will, at some point, consider guest judges and will update when the option becomes available if the spirit should so move you to want to judge. Any input or feedback that might prove beneficial to the success of this venture is greatly appreciated. So, for now, take a look about and be ready to roll on the premier date. Thanks and Happy Writing.


  •  Monday Mixer is a flash fiction challenge. All entries must be 150 words. (no more & no less) If the entry is titled, the title is not considered part of the word count.
  • The contest will run on Mondays beginning at 08:00 AM EST with a deadline of midnight EST. All decisions will be published no later than Tuesday at 08:00 PM EST. 
  • All entries must incorporate a location, object & adjective (one from each group) and the word must appear in the story as listed in the prompts. Entries failing to meet these criteria will be disqualified. Entries may be in any genre but NO erotica or graphic sexual content will be allowed. Entries containing such will be disqualified and deleted.
  • Entries will be posted via the InLinkz click button below. Entrants who do not have either a web page or blog are solely responsible for finding someone to host their entry. 
  • The judge will select an Overall Winner, Best Use of Prompts and up to two Honorable Mentions. Overall Winner - This is self-explanatory, Best Use of Prompts - The entry that, in judge's opinion, incorporated the prompt words most skillfully and Honorable Mentions - These are the "close but no cigar" entries.
  • The judge will additionally have the OPTION to select an Over-Achiever  (an Over-Achiever is defined as an entry incorporating five or more prompt words.) Entries wishing to be considered for the Over-Achiever win must identify their entries as such at the conclusion of the entry. NOTE: The judge does not HAVE to choose an Over-Achiever if, in judge's opinion, the quality of the entry suffers from the effort of shoe-horning in too many prompts.
  • One entry allowed per entrant per week. No entry may win in more than one category.

Locations:  1) dock 2) cemetery 3) marketplace

Objects:     1) brooch  2) kitten 3) slingshot

Adjectives: 1) obdurate 2) beneficent 3) salacious


  1. Mix and match prompts! I love it. I also love how you've upped the challenge factor by asking for an exact 150 words. (Does that include title, by the way?) Should be fun!

  2. Oh, this looks like fun! I do have a website, but I don't understand how/why an entry must be linked. Need some deets on that. :-)