Saturday, October 6, 2012

Primal Detente

Emily stood at the boundary between her back yard and the mysterious unclaimed lands beyond. Reaching out with her senses, she sought any validation for the voice that spoke in her mind each night, identifying itself as the Emissary of the Woodlands.  

She knew when daytime gave way to night and the skies darkened, empathy would open pathways within her only accessible in the stillness of the sleeping world. She would be summoned to the woods to treat with the Emissary.

The Forest Spirits grew weary of the depredations of mankind upon their realm and would suffer them not much longer. The Emissary insisted Emily must accept the role of Speaker for Mankind and plead her kinds’ case before their patience was exhausted and they took retribution.

She didn’t know if she truly believed what the voice said, she only knew tonight she must go into the unknown and find out once and for all.

This story was written for the weekly Saturday Sunday Tails flash fiction prompt: darkened empathy. 

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