Sunday, October 7, 2012

Uncharted Horizons

Author's Advisory: This posting is erotica and may not be palatable to everyone's tastes. If such would, in fact, offend you, I encourage you to read no further. If such would appeal to you, I encourage you to read on and provide feedback as the spirit moves you.

Tatiana thanked whatever erotic guardian angel it was who’d sent her Seth. The man was hung like a horse, had the stamina of a bull and was an unashamed dirty dog in the sack. In the brief time they’d been intimate he’d expanded, not only, her sexual horizons but had sure as hell increased the elasticity of her thoroughly-satisfied orifices.

She ground her hips back as he thrust into her with increasing vigor. She was so wet her juices flowed uncontrollably down her legs leaving a wet patch on the carpet she didn’t even care how she would clean up. Thinking wasn’t a high priority as she surrendered to the raw animal strength of the man. 

Hands braced against the large picture window of her Manhattan loft, she knew her naked form was readily visible, feeding the voyeuristic appetites of an untold number of faceless watchers.

Any initial reluctance she’d felt about doing something so unaccountably naughty was swept away as her first climax overtook her. Let them watch, she purred; let them see a hot woman getting the hell banged out of her. As long as the orgasms kept coming she really couldn’t care less who else was aroused. 

This story was written for the weekly Sinful Sunday erotica flash fiction challenge. 

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