Thursday, November 1, 2012

Business Is Business

Sitting in the lavishly-appointed office at Total Body Reclamation Services Inc, he stared at the check he’d been handed by the Collections Processor; noting that it had been written for a considerably smaller sum than they’d discussed just days before.

“Umm…you told me, as a prime candidate for harvesting I’d be receiving quite a bit more money than this and..well…not only do I want what I was promised by you, I need it.”  

“I can see where there might be some confusion, sir, and while you are certainly still an excellent source of needful commodities, the simple fact is those items lose a considerable amount of their value if we don’t have any clients currently requiring such. If the remuneration isn’t to your liking, we have many other potential contributors who’d be more than happy to settle on that number.”

Shaking his head to the negative, he endorsed the check and slid it back across the desk, hoping they’d, at least, keep their agreement to make sure the check got to his family. 

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction prompt, coincidentally, chosen by me. Sincere thanks to the thoroughly inspirational Lillie McFerrin for, not only, hosting this challenge but for the shout-out regarding my own new flash fiction challenge Monday Mixer.  Thanks again Lillie!


  1. The greatest evil is so often mundane.

    Very dark, and very good.


  2. Nicely done, Jeffrey. As JzB said: good and dark.

    Come see the platform of my candidate at

  3. Nicely done and congrats on having your prompt chosen. I have an idea of my own for the story. Pop in and view mine later.

  4. Interesting and, as others have said, dark. A strong piece of writing. :)

  5. How disappointing! Just on cue, neat and tense, well done! :)

  6. A poignancy lost on the Collections Processor...

  7. So much more I want to know about what led him to this... very intriguing!

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