Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monday Mixer Winners, Week 2

Monday Mixer, Week 2

I would like to, again, extend my deepest thanks to the participants in this second edition of Monday. You provided me with some GREAT stories and some TOUGH decisions.  I like that...I like it a lot! Again, apologies for the delay in announcing the winners. We've been short a person at work and I had some truly nasty long shifts to work over the last few days. I promise to either get better at getting results on time. (or I could just change when results are supposed to be posted. ALWAYS trust a Ferengi to have a back-up plan) Now, on to the good stuff...results.

Lisa McCourt Hollar for her story The Curse's Hold. I should know better than to doubt her and Lisa DID manage to work in all nine of the prompt words into a very nice fantasy theme. THAT was impressive! The story flowed well and had a great plot and were it not for some minor technical errors, this piece would have been a true contender for higher honors. 

drmagoo for his untitled story.  Another over-achievment contender, having worked in six prompt words, this story had emotion and depth to it that made for a great holiday-themed tale. While the story was an enjoyable read, I felt the use of the word "candle/candles" was overdone given such a tight word count to work with. Still and all, a great entry. 

Lupus Anthropos for his untitled story offering us a look into the magical world of Christopher Robin and the gang. While Lupus could easily have qualified for the over-achiever nod, having used six of the prompt words, I thought it more fitting to pay tribute to this delightful romp in a different category. The tale unfolded so seamlessly that, had I not know the prompt words, I'd have been hard-pressed to pick them out. A fine display of short fiction skill. 

David Ludwig for his story Tidings.  This was a very creepy and unnerrving tale to me. While I'm not entirely sure I'm at ease with, what I perceived to be, a comparison of St. Nicholas to the Almighty, it was a very tight piece technically with good flow and incorporated the six prompt words with skill and aplomb. 

Christina Krieger for her story The Arctic  I have been, and always will be, a great lover of fantasy writing. This story drew me in and held me until the final word. It had great flow, an innovative premise and wound itself to a close nicely. While this could, easily, be the premise or opening to a much more involved work, it still stands as a completed piece all on its own.

Please bear in mind my decisions are entirely subjective and may not find favor or agreement with all, but decisions are like that. For those writers not mentioned, no slight is intended and I hope next week will find you back for more.

Here is the link to view and read all of the truly inspired offerings for this week.  Please show a little Monday Mixer love and make a point of clicking on each entry and checking them out. Remember, each link clicked on takes you directly to that particular writer's page and provides them blog traffic and, hopefully, feedback to encourage them to come out & play next week.

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