Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shadows Of The Past III

Walking home the next evening, he wondered who they might send for him. He considered and discarded dozens of names. In the final analysis, it didn't much matter. He would NOT return to the Realm without a fight. While it was true he'd discarded that life and dishonored his Vow, he would not allow himself to be taken back to face justice for a crime he still refused to think of as such. 

He sensed the threat even before the Shadow Portal fully formed. He armed and armored himself with a thought. From the rift emerged a massive, scaled form. It was Liasastis, his dragoness bondmate! 

She would offer no quarter nor would he expect any. Bearing a sword that seemed the twin to his own, she dove to the attack and he met her...blade held high.

This story excerpt was chosen for the weekly Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet  and is from an, as yet, unnamed work in progress. 


  1. And into the fight he hurls himself. Why is it that it is always the close friend who gets the task of taking on the renegade? Good snippet - you need to come up with at least a working title.

  2. That's hardly fair! Liasastis is supposed to storm through the portal and save him from the real hunter.