Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Triple Visual Dare 1: The Call

Unable to leave the security of the underworld realm, she sought with her thoughts her desired consort. At length, she found him, placing within his mind the undeniable need to come to her. Such was her power over him he would never understand why, only that he must. 

She feared greatly for his well-being as he traversed the misted forests. His were not the skills or instincts of a woodsman and yet he prevailed. 

Bolstering his courage with adept psychic manipulation, her mind’s eye watched as he descended into the depths that were to now and forevermore be his home.

This story was written for the Triple Visual Dare I flash fiction prompt. The bonus bonus challenge was to work all three prompts into a single story of 100 words or less. Obviously, I took that dare. 


  1. WOW. This has all the makings of a dark fairy tale....I like it!! Her ability to infuse such power over someone from so great a distance, without leaving home (or her prison?) is an astonishing idea...and of course makes me wonder what horrors the poor Romeo is getting himself into...

  2. Descending down into more mystery! what will await...