Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Triple Visual Dare 2: The Power Of Dreams

Plowing his dusty fields, Orville stopped suddenly as, with a tremendous ripping sound, he watched his home of fifty years torn from its foundations only to sail away out of sight.

Residents of the small Nicaraguan town watched in disbelieving awe as the ancient clock atop the town’s church was torn in two, raining bricks and cogs down upon their stunned heads.

Meanwhile, half a world away, Kemali stared into the morning sun, dreaming of a fine house and more time for his father to play ball with him. Dreams he would, someday, learn can be very powerful things indeed.

This story was written for Triple Visual Dare #2 flash fiction prompt.  It qualifies for "bonus bonus" status for incorporating all three photo prompts into a single story of 100 words or less. 


  1. Well done - and so far reaching.

    Powerful dreams, indeed!


  2. bonus bonus indeed! But is it part of NaNo too?
    Another great and thought provoking piece Jeffrey!

  3. Great short stories!

  4. Very good. And the twist at the end was splendid.

  5. I absolutely adore your entries. LOVE THIS. Once again, I feel there is a much longer, and very powerful, story behind this tantalizing opening....