Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Triple Visual Dare 3: Wishes

Elise came to the fountain every day, casting coins in and wishing her parents would stop fighting all the time.

She despised when they sent her to her room so they could discuss “adult things.” She wished they would stop treating her like a child. 

Lost in her thoughts and wishes, she leaned closer to the water until, with a tremendous splash, she fell in.

Struggling to her feet, she caught her reflection in the water streaming off of her. Seeing not a child but a woman staring back, she realized at least one of her wishes had been granted.

This story was written for the Triple Visual Dare 3 flash fiction prompt.  It qualifies for "bonus bonus" status for incorporating all three photo prompts into a single story of 100 words or less. 


  1. Now I LIKE this...! This has marvelous potential for a longer story idea, of an unexpected-fairy-tale sort. You planning to add to this one?? (Say yes!) :)

  2. PS Definite "bonus bonus" for nailing all three photos in one story - and under 100 words!!

  3. Ah. Be careful what you wish for. Childhood's end - not necessarily a good thing.

    Well done,