Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Most Personal Decision

Snowflakes swirled and skirled about, catching the wan morning light that set them to glittering like shards of frozen gemstone. 

Amelia was quite sure her parents would be angry with her decision to go riding in such weather and yet she found herself unable to worry about such.

She knew the doctors held little hope she would see springtime and so, she reasoned, she had precious little time to waste.

Thus, while Amelia was normally a most proper and well-behaved young lady, she had concluded living within the rules was something she simply had no interest in doing any longer.

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction prompt: disobey


  1. I think she made the right decision.


  2. Living within the rules is so overated!

    A poignant tale.

    1. just shared it with a friend on her FB page too as I know she will really appreciate it at the moment - thanks!

  3. That opening sentence absolutely captivated me. Gave a gorgeous fairy-tale tang to what is otherwise a fiesty-yet-sobering vignette.

    I agree with Jazz - girlchild made the right decision.

    And as always, your entries always leave me wondering what happens in the next chapter. ;)

  4. Nicely done, Jeffrey. When your stories include children, you are always able to capture a certain kind poignancy which eludes other writers. Very well written. :))

  5. This was a bittersweet tale. And to disobey in a case like hers is not just excusable but recommendable.

  6. I swear I didn't look at this one before I wrote mine. Just me.

    Very well done.