Thursday, December 20, 2012

Et Tu, Android?

The fault of the Gamma-27 Series androids did not lie in their stars but in themselves that they were not content to be underlings. 

Empowered to experience a near-perfect semblance of human emotions, it was most unfortunate that envy, discontent and murderous rage were how the entities chose to express themselves. After much bloodshed and suffering, the android rebellion was quashed.

Perhaps most unfortunate was not all of the Gamma-27 series felt the call to rebel. Dismantled to their component parts, none noticed the last act of Unit 327 was to bid a sad farewell to his beloved United 214.

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction photo prompt. 


  1. NIce Shakespeare reference, indeed. :) I love how you twisted this one around -instead of two about-to-be-assembled entities waking up to future possibilities, they've already had their taste and are preparing for their end. Very thought-provoking.

  2. Serves them right for being so damned human.

    That 214 was a babe, though.


  3. Love the final twist, the last farewell and final kiss - so sweet and unexpected.

  4. Delightful. Even android relationships can be complicated

  5. Jeffrey, really enjoyed how you concentrated so much in so few well chosen words. Androids, literary references, humanity. Well done you!