Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cinematic Shortcomings

Roger had always thought it a trite metaphor that, at the end, one’s life flashed before their eyes like some sort of lurid and unscheduled cinematic event. 

Lying in the twisted wreckage of what had, most recently, been a finely-engineered precision European motor vehicle, he was forced to re-evaluate his opinions regarding such.

He wasn’t nearly as disturbed by the specter of his impending demise as he was by the sheer paucity of quality moments playing out before his pain-filled eyes. It wasn’t as if he’d tried to lead a solitary life, detached and distanced from those about him; it was simply how things had fallen out.

All too soon, the story reached its anti-climactic end and as he gave over his mortal existence to the uncertainty of what might await him, he felt an unassailable grief that his life had reached its ending with such a sad and dismal tale to show for it all.

Since I hate to have missed an opportunity, this story was written for an already-closed edition of the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash prompt: ending. 

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