Thursday, January 24, 2013


Carson stumbled down the wide tunnel, cursing himself for having been foolish enough to embark upon this quest. A man of science, he’d always approached challenges in a logical and well-reasoned manner. Still and all, he was forced to concede worshipping at the altar of Science was what had led him to this juncture.

Having dwelt in the ivory towers of academia, he’d never cared for the implications or the applications of his work. As a result of his folly, he was fleeing a world he’d helped destroy, where acid rain lashed the lifeless earth and survival was impossible. 

He sought Haven, a mythic subterranean world peopled by a race that had long since forsaken his world to live in harmony with all things. His strength failing, he collapsed at the base of the carved stone steps and died, never knowing he had almost achieved his greatest discovery of all. 

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction prompt: stairs.

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  1. Irony on irony!! I adore how you can fit entire worlds and plotlines within the word limit (or less!). Your black humor shines (?) through so well here. Your hints of Haven intrigue me --- I want to know more!!