Thursday, January 10, 2013

Relationship Dynamics

There are innumerable TV movies and entire sections of book stores dedicated to love at first sight and matches made in heaven. What Allyson and I share is neither of those things…not by a long shot.

The first time I met her was in the woods. It was still dark outside but sunrise wasn’t far off. When you’re a starving photographer you take what gigs come along. Nature Week wanted to pay me to tramp about snapping shots of critters and I wanted to pay my rent….simple enough.

She was just wrapping up a whirlwind night of unrestrained lycanthropy by consuming the still-quivering remains of some unfortunate jerk that’d dumped her for another woman. Yeah, talk about Hell hath no fury, eh? To this day, I think she’d have been of a mind to make me dessert if not for some really convenient timing. 

As the sun crested the low hills to the east, I had the foresight to begin snapping as fast as my Nikon would go and got some excellent action shots of her transition from lupine to human form. Since she was a tad distracted with her transformation, I had just enough time to pop out the memory card and load the contents to my home network.

So how would you categorize a relationship based on “I don’t chew your face off” on her part and “I don’t make you the next tabloid freak” on my part? Well, let’s just say it’s…complicated…and leave it at that, eh?

This story was written for the weekly Thursday Threads flash fiction challenge prompt: "The first time I met her was in the woods."

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