Thursday, January 10, 2013

Road Rules Revisited

Tooling down the streets of the metropolis in the guise of a young male of the predominant species, his first indication he’d been found out was when the front wheel of his conveyance vanished in a nimbus of coruscating light. 

Dodging and weaving in and out amongst the buildings, his mastoid implant hummed as the Enforcers found its frequency and warned him to “stand down or this would only end one way.”

Grinning with sudden inspiration, Jasik turned onto another street, knowing the Enforcers would move to cut him off. He smiled when their assault sled rounded the corner ahead of him.

Sliding up onto the nearest sidewalk, he regained control just in time to see the sled meet the Downtown Central line bus head-on. Abandoning the damaged bicycle, he melted into the crowds. He chuckled to himself, thinking Enforcers really should know better than to ignore simple traffic signs.

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction photo prompt. 


  1. Road warrior in the big city.
    Well done.

  2. Bahahaha!!! Beautifully ironic. Well paced, neatly framed.

    I want this guy on my dodgeball team. :)

  3. Yeah! Serves those blasted Enforcers right! Go Jasik! May you live long and prosper.

  4. Good on him, though I have to wonder about the passengers on the bus!