Friday, January 11, 2013

Shadows Of the Past XI

To the dragon's horror, Daigon merely stood with his head bowed. All life...all semblance of strength seemed to have fled his hulking frame. His trembling voice spoke only three words, "I...can..not." 

For a moment, the two stood frozen in a tragic tableau. The voice of his bondmate was soft and imploring in his head.

*Blademaster...bondmate...Daigon, boy do not make me do that from which there can be no return."

Daigon rose to his full height, his stance stiff and formal. He crossed both arms over his broad chest and, holding the pose, turned on his heel to present her his back, executing the Ritual of Rejection. 

Liasastis turned from him and made to fly, *Then my duty is clear.* 

He did not look back as she winged away to seal both their fates forever.

This story excerpt was chosen for the weekly Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet  and is from a work in progress, Shadows Of Honor.  This will, unfortunately, be the final snippet of this work that I will be posting until its release in summer 2013. 


  1. Thumbs up for dragons! My snippet is over on my website as usual. I have to stop forgetting to add my name to the list.

  2. Nice post! There's always an inherent majesty when dealing with dragons and who hasn't face the Ritual of Rejection. Enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Aww. Sad snippet. :(

    But a code's a code.

  4. Oh no. I feel like something monumental happened. Poor dragon.

  5. Final post? Nooo! Oh, well. I'll wait patiently for the release.

  6. Brilliant! And I'll await for its release!!

  7. The Ritual of Rejection? Doesn't sound good...

    Though the snippet was fab, as always! :)