Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tabloid Trauma

In retrospect, Police Inspector Derrick Cromwell was forced to admit his chosen method of defusing a potentially dangerous subject was, at best, unorthodox. 

Tabloid photographers, he protested, were totally without scruples and, in light of recent events regarding the Royal Family, certainly not to be underestimated. His actions, he maintained, were taken to safeguard the right of an individual to privacy and, therefore, above reproach.

That the subject in question was not, in point of fact, a sleazy paparazzi opportunist but merely a Girl Guide wildlife photographer left him all the more chagrined.

While he bore the mark of shame in his unheralded demotion back to Constable, his unfortunate detainee was branded far more shamefully. Ironically, the unmistakable imprint of London Fog overcoat buttons on her forehead would, from that day forward, forever deny her any opportunity to live a life free of sensationalist publicity and undesired media attention.

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction photo prompt.

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  1. Your sense of irony continues to amaze me. Always with a direct narrative voice, that somehow always holds something back till the very end. Great entry. Thanks for another fabulous VisDare!