Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adjectival Precision

Struggling up from the fevered torpor that had overwhelmed him, the professor struggled painfully to a more comfortable position. Having spent the entirety of his adult life imparting knowledge to his fresh-faced young charges, he knew he must continue that effort to the end. 

Though he’d dispatched the undead intruders who’d accosted him, it was not done without incurring a rather nasty bite from one of the vile creatures. With trembling hand, he documented the swollen, torn look of the wound noting it had taken on an inflamed purple cast as the flesh continued to grow ever more necrotic.

With a disgusted sigh, he lined out the word “purple’, knowing a man of letters should find a more evocative adjective to use and, after much deliberation, decided upon “heliotrope’ before, once again, sinking into unconsciousness.

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction prompt: purple.


  1. Precision indeed! A lovely story :)

  2. Wow. Well written, indeed.
    McGuffy's Reader

  3. Excellent! Only a true writer would ensure that his closing words were well written! You conjured up some powerful imagery with your words.

  4. I've never considered purple mundane, but he's made me reconsider. Cool story.

  5. Really enjoyed this scene, Jeffrey. Loved your word choices, especially in the last paragraph. You are always 'evocative'! :))

  6. I really like the battle with himself in that last sentence. Nicely done :)