Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Field Work

Settling himself, Janx relished the opportunity to review his field journal without distractions. He wasn’t concerned anyone would think it odd for a man to be perched on an ornamental island in the middle of a canal. It was ridiculously easy to manipulate the minds of these beings so they simply refused to acknowledge the reality before them. 

He sighed with frustration. While he had dwelt amongst these creatures for quite some time and, effortlessly, mimicked their outward appearance, clearly he still had much to learn of their social interaction rituals.

He was forced to admit he’d allowed his growing sense of loneliness and isolation to cloud his judgment. It would seem requests for casual sexual intercourse involved a number of variables his previous research had failed to indicate.

Now, not only were his growing needs not met, he dared not return to his favorite café without serious complications. Damn!

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction prompt: Alone?


  1. Jeffrey! I really, really liked this one. Intriguing and so nicely structured.

  2. P.S. hrqueen@going for is me!

  3. Just who is he propositioning? Nice scene.

  4. This one made me laugh. If social awkwardness is defined in those terms, then I think I have a few aliens living in my neighborhood.

    Though now I"m wondering what sort of social faux pas he left behind at the cafe....?

  5. I too wonder where is he from and what the hell happened in the Cafe??

  6. Left me with a smile, been juggling women - unique idea that he honestly didn't know it are the right 'social interaction rituals', wonder where he is from. As always good writing, always love how you use words, and enable such good reading.