Friday, February 1, 2013

Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent

Josiah Teague had ridden nearly half a day from Settlement 241 before he first saw the signs. He had been an expert tracker for enough years that they practically spoke to him. A scuff here, crushed grasses, familiar scents all set him on guard. The reservation was nearby...very close now. 

Teague patted his horse's neck as he started up the last hill. The silver of his Bureau of Paranormal Affairs (BPA) badge gleamed in the burgeoning sunlight. Such a new ornament on such an old tree, he grinned. He doubted it would much impress the Vamps, but perhaps his Mark X Peacekeeper weaponry would take up the slack.

He crested the low hill and looked down into the valley. The land formed a natural bowl, both cradling and confining those that called it home. The Bureau registered them as the remnants of the Long Fang and Night Terror clans.

This snippet was selected for the weekly Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet and is from a work in progress, Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent (a paranormal Western)


  1. Ooh clans of vamps - sounds exciting!

  2. I like the description - the new ornament on an old tree. Shows how Teague views himself. Good snippet.

  3. Oh yeah, baby! Blazing great!