Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday Mixer Winners, Week 12

What a wonderful turn out for this week's Monday Mixer...the most entries offered up to date! The sheer variety of stories that evolved all from the same basic prompts to work from was quite interesting. While prizes are always a great incentive to lure folks out, I'd like to hope everyone will continue to come out and play just for the free inspiration and the fun of, perhaps, learning some new words.

Snellopy for his story The Ogre's Arms. This was an entertaining tale told in a relaxed and flowing manner leaving me with the impression I was sitting at the bar myself. If not for the presence of so many great entries, this one would have been a contender for higher honors. 

Robin Abess for her story Musings Of A Tangled Mind. The imagery in this story was very evocative and descriptive in grand detail without being excessive. While the story, in general, flowed nicely it left me with a feeling it had ended just a bit too abruptly.

Laura Jamez for her story Treasure. This was an exceptionally difficult badge to award as there were quite a number of very good contenders for this. I enjoyed the visual imagery this story drew forth and the sense of danger and adventure was believable and palpable. It managed to employ the best elements of an the action/adventure genre without seeming too derivative.

Delilah E. Day for her story For The Love Of Roses. Another first-time participant, Delilah decided to grasp the bull by the horns and wrestle the challenge of becoming an Over-Achiever. Her bittersweet tale of forbidden love wove five of the prompt words in without the slightest hint of anything being forced. This tale definitely shows promise for future entries by her. 

Craig Towsley for his story The Rules According To Charlie. As a first-time participant, Craig brought a great effort to the table. Using five of the prompt words and weaving them into a fun, light-hearted barroom tale was an entertaining twist. Add in the fact this was done entirely in dialogue and it is even more impressive. I expect to enjoy many more such offerings since Craig has demonstrated he has what it takes to garner the top honor. 

As mentioned in the Monday Mixer Challenge post, the top three badge winners: Laura, Delilah & Craig are entitled to an electronic copy of Reverie by my wife Lisa McCourt Hollar. To claim your prize, forward your email address & the desired format to me at: jeffreyhollar@live.com  

Please bear in mind my decisions are entirely subjective and may not find favor or agreement with all, but decisions are like that. For those writers not mentioned, no slight is intended and I hope next week will find you back for more.

Here is the link to view and read all of the truly inspired offerings for this week.  Please show a little Monday Mixer love and make a point of clicking on each entry and checking them out. Remember, each link clicked on takes you directly to that particular writer's page and provides them blog traffic and, hopefully, feedback to encourage them to come out & play next week.

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