Friday, February 15, 2013

The Hunter Hunted

Li harbored no delusions his quarry would be easily vanquished. Sorcerers who followed the Tao of the Left were known to be cunning, resourceful and exceptionally brutal. 

Having been the target of three supernatural attacks in as many days, he was scarcely surprised when the rending groan presaged the attack of the stone demon. Swimming in and out of the pavement, its sinuous movement belied its speed.

Black basalt claws were scant inches from seizing him when the demon vanished in a cloud of noxious vapors. Li considered himself most fortunate to have recalled the cantrip of dismissal in time.

This story was written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers flash fiction prompt based on a photo by David Stewart.


  1. Liked your choice of words and the story a lot.


  2. "Swimming in and out of the pavement, its sinuous movement belied its speed." --favorite image.

    the story reminds me of one of those horror movies on late night television.

  3. Dear Jeffrey,
    You had me scurrying to my dictionary a couple of times. That's a good thing. You've presented an eerie tale...well written with just the right amount of tension.

  4. You sir are a wordsmith. Really enjoyed this story!

  5. Very good story with a language leaving me in awe

  6. well done. question - why "cantrip"? why not just "spell" or something like that?

  7. 'cantrip' is more interesting, I think.

    I enjoyed this story. Reminds me of Charmed :-)

  8. Because spell is boring and cantrip is interesting and appropriate. I like it. Words are fun, why limit the usage? :)