Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This post was written as an effort to promote my weekly flash fiction challenge, Monday Mixer.  Each week I provided nine prompt words: three locations, three things and three adjectives. The challenge is to use at least three of the prompt words (one from each category) and weave them into a tale of exactly 150 words.  Badges are awarded for honorable mentions, best use of prompt, over-achiever and best overall entry. To showcase the challenge, I have written a story that would qualify to be chosen over-achiever by incorporating five or more of the prompts. In this case, just to show off, I have worked in all nine. Please come out and join us for next week's round. Prompt words are posted at an undisclosed time every Sunday. Entries are accepted from 00:01 AM EST Monday morning through midnight Monday night EST. I hope to see many new contenders for next week. For now, enjoy my effort that made use of the prompts: 

Locations:  1) patisserie    2) cabana    3) rill

Things:        1) cabachon    2) sclera       3) pestle

Adjectives: 1) querulous   2) bellicose  3) intrinsic

Seated at a corner table of the small patisserie, no one took notice of her. So meek and unassuming a creature, she would draw no more attention were she seated nude at an island cabana

Being neither querulous nor demanding, she’d lived a life devoid of entanglements, until him. Though he’d offered her extravagant gifts, her only concession had been the acceptance of a small cabochon of little intrinsic value.

Had she any clue of its evil, she’d have never even touched it. Within his sanctum, he muttered the spell of activation. The gemstone glowed and coruscations of evil flowed forth like waters in a rain-swollen rill.

Her form shifted, her humanity ground away as if by some demonic pestle. Her eyes, now devoid of either sclera of pupil, were blazing crimson orbs. Her timidity replaced by unbridled bellicose rage, she rampaged forth leaving death and destruction in her wake.

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